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AFSC Coin is a crypto engineering organisation focused on blockchain technology products and audits solutions.

AFSC Coin is also a secure data trading platform which maximises the value of data while ensuring data privacy by separating data ownership from data usage.

Benefits for Everyone

1st Bright Network is not only limited for Buy / Sell / Hold, But also has a real use case of payment system utility globally & also can be used for P2P lending.


Not only reliable but trustworthy also as we based on decentralized modal

Big Partnerships

AFSC Coin has partnership with big brands for making the AFSC Token highly prominent


System Usability has been designed while taking every opinion into consideration

AFSC Coin Audit Solutions with Leaderboard Support

We have multiple projects that will benefit our holders, including Dex exchange, NFT marketplace (Endangered Species, Flowers, Animals, and Plants), Staking, Ico launchpad, and Launch of sub-projects under the umbrella of AFSC Coin to airdrop to our committed community members.


AFSC Coin Audit specializes in blockchain security, utilizing cutting-edge AI Technology & Manual code review by our experts to secure smart contracts and blockchains.

AFSC Coin is a decentralized deflationary token that aims to bring multiple aspects together to create stability in the ecosystem and economy. AFSC Coin will bring prosperity to its holders. Buy now and hold for your future.

The world's biggest distributed & decentralized network, powered by BNB, which allows the holder to receive various benefits in a completely automated way

So, what do we want to do in terms of scalability? Are there any examples of scalable protocols? Probably everyone has used it before. It’s called Smart Chain.

Growing and secure protocol in the decentralized finance industry

This specialization offers the latest developments in blockchain technology through a highly engaging learning experience with animated video components and intuitive course flow to maximize your knowledge retention.

Utility Service
  • AFSC will be used for utility services such as Dish & Mobile Recharge, Paying Bills and UPI.
  • Shopping voucher will also be given
Lend & Borrow
  • Lend and borrow any cryptocurrency on
  • Growth & Driving AFSC
Staking Programme
  • Extra AFSC Coins
  • Validation block benefits
  • Rewards bonus on holding
  • Growth Assurance

Our Features

AFSC dApp Wallet provides a simple, quick, safe means of cryptocurrency usage with zero risk. Most importantly, it is highly secured and anonymous.

Relational Blockchain
Fraud Reduction
Next Generation Wallet
Recovery Nodes
External Integration
Private & Secure
Secure Payment Gateway
Open-Source Transactions

Token Sale

Once you’ve entered our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the global marketplace

Contract Address


Token Name


Token Supply



Apr 8, 2022 (11:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

54,00,000 AFSC (90%)


May 8, 2022 (11:00AM GMT)

Token rate

$0.2 USD

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction


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Frequently Asked Question

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What is AFSC Coin?
AFSC Coin is a decentralized finance autonomous smart contract platform, which is built on Binance smart contract - Technology. Theos utilizes the lending protocol, borrowing protocol, staking protocol for Crypto trading, forex trading, and yields farming income. The trading & transaction fee is charged, charged with AFSC Coin.It aims to build the way first decentralized cloud storage data center with advanee Al Blockchain Technology.

AFSC Coin provide many sort of digital utility service like mobile recharge,dish recharge,electricity bill,gas bill payment,entertainment industry,hotel booking,flight ticket booking and upi payments